Elaine has written many other articles to help military families navigate deployment, reunion & reintegration as well as other challenges of living and working as part of a military family.

Stress Series, article 1 – Stress management
Stress Series, article 2 – Maintaining a healthier YOU through stress management
Stress Series, article 3 – Creating your personal stress management plan

Employment Series, article 1 – While you’re gone, when you return, spouse employment
Employment Series, article 2 – Finding and applying for a new job. SEO resumes
Employment Series, article 3 – How to have a good interview

Returning Home Series, article 1 – Preparing for homecoming
Returning Home Series, article 2 – Back to routines, Intimacy
Returning Home Series, article 3 – Parenting, Single parents, Welcoming your single service person
Returning Home Series, article 4 – Coming home for the single service member ****(June 21)****

Pre-deployment Family Discussions Series, article 1 – Operations Security
Pre-deployment Family Discussions Series, article 2 – What about block leave and R&R?
Pre-deployment Family Discussions Series, article 3 – How will we stay connected? Coping with children’s’ personality changes
Pre-deployment Family Discussions Series, article 4 – Trust, Fidelity, Stress and Isolation

Your single service member Series, article 1 – Preparing for deployment
Your single service member Series, article 2 – During deployment, Reunion, Tips from other single service members
Your single service member Series, article 3 – Handling aggression, Advice for parents and for family and friends

Barely Married Series, article 1 – Advice from those who are there already, you’re more than “The Spouse”
Barely Married Series, article 2 – General knowledge to make your military life easier
Barely Married Series, article 3 – Advice on support, communication, deployments, reunions, and from your service member

The Holidays Series, article 1 – 8 ways to reflect on love at the Holidays ***Coming Soon***
The Holidays Series, article 2 – 13 practical connection ideas to keep the Holidays personal. ***Coming Soon***
The Holidays Series, Bonus article! – 7 Tips to reduce Holiday stress! ***Coming Soon***

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