Celebrating Family – As a Speaker

Sitting outside a beautiful training center in Sint-Michielsgestel, Netherlands last week I said to myself, one more time; “I have the greatest job in the world!” I say this a lot, and most often when the calendar is full, things are going great, and there is peace in my household. But we all know that what makes this a great profession can also make it the most challenging. Just remember the last cancellation, or long flight, or getting lost in a strange city, or even just eating alone. Professional speaking is a special occupation and so much goes into running it smoothly. Although I am the one on the platform, I couldn’t do what I do without the amazing support and understanding of those around me. As speakers, we have wonderful staff and administrative personnel and partners to keep our calendars on track. But here I’d like to acknowledge those who keep our lives on track – our families. If I didn’t have the unending support of my family, I probably would still be selling insurance (not that that’s bad). When I leave for days at a time I know my house won’t fall apart, my son will be taken care of, and my husband will “fill in the blank” I might leave at a school event. I can call home anytime to celebrate a great training, or to just let off steam. Where would I be without my family? Where would YOU be? All our families “look” different, but the love and support is the same. I honor all the families and extend a collective “Thank you!” Find a special way to honor YOUR family. What do you all like to do? What traditions have you established that keep you together?

My son will be coming home for the Holidays. I can hardly wait! We’ve been apart for so long, and it’s been an interesting challenge adjusting to “empty nest”. Last night on the phone he mentioned how much fun he and his friends had at a Holiday Open House my husband and I had put together last year. He asked if we could do it again THIS year! I didn’t think that he enjoyed it so much. So this year we’ll get everyone together again and discover what just might turn into a tradition.

Appreciating family – that’s what life is all about!