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F-16 Incentive Flight – Come fly with me! #2 post

By elaine | October 25, 2009

It’s closer every day. Last Friday I cleared one of the final hurdles when I passed my incentive flight physical at Buckley AFB. I’ll admit I was a little worried because being nervous about it would most likely shoot my blood pressure up…which it did at first. I kept thinking “crap…I don’t want to come this far to only be denied the flight!” As we talked, it finally settled down and was fine. First, they had me sit in a chair and they took measurements to be sure I would fit in the seat in the small cabin of the aircraft. That was interesting. Evidently my butt hadn’t yet gotten too big for that. 🙂 They made sure that I was able to equalize (pop) my ears for the pressure changes of the flight. Since I’d just completed my scuba certification dives that actually came easy. Good thing! After they gave me my “Golden Ticket” documents that passed me they talked to me about eating. The person who was giving me final information before I left the base said that I should eat a light breakfast of yogurt, bananas and a piece of toast. When I asked why he said “Because it tastes the same coming up as going down!” Still not sure if that was meant to be funny or not! It’s been a delight to have the people who are working the background for my flight have as much joy in this as I do. I’m humbly honored to be chosen for this F-16 incentive flight with the 180th FW in Ohio. In the next few posts I hope to “introduce” you to these amazing pilots and one of the fighting forces that’s behind our security here in America. I love being a military speaker and author when it allows me to help the service members, their families and their friends make it through deployments. So, I’m cleared and on my way to Ohio in the morning for the flight which is on Tuesday October 27, 2009. I’ll Twitter things as they happen and take you through the 1/2 day of training I’ll be taking prior to the flight. Hopefully this will be fun new information for all of us. P.S. I’ll have pictures and video that I’ll be posting. If you’re with the National Guard in Ohio…listen for a flyby!

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