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AMC bites the dust…the end of an era of connection.

By elaine | September 22, 2011

Do you know what tomorrow is? I know, it’s Friday, but more than that, it’s the ending of an era. Pine Valley, PA ceases to exist as the daytime serial (or “soap opera”) All My Children ends its 41 year run. I used to watch it, but drifted away over 12 years ago. Still, I’m a little saddened by the departure of characters I’d come to know, many of whom are still part of the show. Even if you’ve never seen a single episode of All My Children, who hasn’t heard of the venerable Erica Kane…queen of Pine Valley! Played by Susan Lucci for all of the character’s 41 years, she has been the epitome of the woman you “love to hate.” But there’s more to the story of this milestone. It’s the end of a time of daytime theatre that has given career starts to many of the celebrity names we are familiar with today. This week I’ve actually been watching the final episodes as they bring back cameo appearances of the characters and storylines I remember from years ago. It’s interesting to watch how the writers are tying up dangling scenarios that were meant to go on and on while still surprising you with the unexpected. Stuart lives! It doesn’t get better than that. Here’s what I remember, and see if any of this makes you smile and say…”I remember that too!”

 But it’s not just that. I remember the conversations over coffee that started with something akin to, “Do you even believe that Tad would have an affair when he has Dixie waiting home for him?” or “Doesn’t Brooke know what kind of a man Adam is?” or “Do you believe how gorgeous Maria is?” We knew it was all fiction, but we enjoyed the personal time we were sharing together, sitting around a table between classes. I remember how much I miss that.  Now with social media, these conversations happen digitally. I want people to remember what it’s like to connect personally with another person, and for many of us, the daytime soap was an avenue that fostered that. I want you to remember the importance of sitting next to grandma on the coach, and feeling like a grown up because the two of you were engrossed in the same thing, even if you had no idea what was going on. Now, watching it this week, I find that I’m quickly drawn back into the intimacy of the character’s lives I knew so well…if only for a few minutes…and get a twinkle in my eye when I realize that I still think Tad is hot, especially with a few years, a few pounds and some sexy grey hair added to the mix!

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