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Fight for your military family!

By elaine | August 13, 2013

When you’ve let something go from your life for a while, it’s difficult to go back and write about it. But I’m going to do it anyway. Since military funding has taken a nose dive over the last 18 months, my message of support for military spouses hasn’t been reaching as many as it used to. Yesterday something came in my email that I knew had to be shared. It was from an Army wife who cared enough to share a family connection idea they use when her husband is deployed. She shared it so that others could learn about it too, and maybe let it find a way into more families. When you’re separated by deployments, you must fight for the strength of your family! Sharing ideas is a great way to show this. I’ve always been a good avenue for sharing those ideas, so I’m stepping back into the light to let you know about this one, and hopefully many more as time goes forward. This idea is from Jamie and here it is in her words:

Deployment treeInstead of doing the deployment chain as you suggested in your book which we actually did for deployment #2, we are doing a deployment tree.  Especially since we’re starting in the summer with this, we’ve got green leaves that get pulled off first.  Then as fall arrives, we’ll take the colored leaves that I purposely taped under the green leaves off, and of course lastly the brown leaves will get pulled off as winter arrives.  One leaf gets pulled off each day that my twin daughters daddy is gone to again help them be able to visually see how much more time they have to wait until their daddy comes home.  The white bag is what they put the leaves in.  This way too, if I’m off a day or two I can ‘sneak’ hanging up a couple and I can save to recycle these if I ever want to do this idea again.  We just made one pattern or two and traced and then cut a bunch out.  

Thanks, Jamie, and it’s our hope that this idea and many more like it will become part of other military family routines.

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