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The Word is…CONNECT!

By elaine | October 17, 2013

The dictionary defines it as; “to join, link or fasten together; to establish communication between; to have as an accompanying feature.”  My job is to help people connect with each other, no matter the distance that lies between them. If I was asked for my own word that defines connection, I’d pick “strength.” I think of the strength of the bond we have with those we love, and the strength of our conviction to prevent bad things from getting in the way of that bond like arguments, growing apart, and physical distance. Today we begin a journey of posts to renew the strength of all our connections.

In each post I’ll pick one or two of our relationships and share insights and strategies for enhancing that connection, and most importantly, having fun with it. The first is the relationship you have with your kids. In my book “I’m Already Home…Again” we talk about over 100 ways for a deployed parent to foster a stronger connection with their child while separated. We’ll roll out a few of those later on.

Date Coupons

Date Coupons

But what about the parent left at home? When your day is consumed with work, problems and all the stuff that happens every day, what can you do to prevent your relationship from beginning to drift away? One of the most popular ideas I’ve heard for a parent returning from a deployment, is to reconnect with each child by taking them individually on their own “date night.” That’s great. But what about you and your children when you’re the parent at home? YOU go on a date night with each child! Find a time when it can be just the two of you, get a babysitter for the rest of the kids, and the two of you do something special. One key: remember to make the activity something that is special to that particular child. Yes, that may mean sitting front row center in the movie theatre on a Saturday afternoon for a showing of the latest animated feature, or shopping with your teenager. Just know that this is your time together…to connect. You can print cute coupons like these pictured by visiting

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