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Your relationship with…YOU!

By elaine | October 22, 2013

Realizing my dream of riding in an F-16.

Realizing my dream of riding in an F-16.

In the last post, we began talking about the connections in your life. We started with your kids. There’s another relationship I want to address. That’s your relationship with…YOU! Connect with you. When we spend so much time doing things for others, the first relationship to bite the dust is the one we have with ourselves. Carve out a few minutes to connect to the dreams or vision you have for your life. In 2002, when I began my work for military families, people thought I was crazy. After all, we hadn’t yet entered into the conflict with Afghanistan, so none of my friends saw a need for what I wanted to do. Then a business partner told me this: “Don’t give up on your dreams, just because someone else doesn’t share the same vision.” That changed things for me. I moved toward what I wanted to do with my life at this moment, and how it would help both me, and others around me.

From the very first time I did a presentation on an Air Force base, I’ve always dreamed of getting a chance to see what it would be like to fly in one of those jets like the ones in the movie Top Gun! That was about the most far fetched vision I could imagine. After all, I’m only a civilian with no flight experience. But I kept pictures on my wall and thoughts of flight in my head. One day, 6 years later, my office phone rang. The voice on the other end said, “I’m with the National Guard Bureau and I’m here to make the arrangements for your F-16 flight.” I couldn’t believe it! Thus began a lot of preparation, arrangements, and training, but every minute was more than worth it. It was the ride of a lifetime, and the culmination of a very big dream.

So the first thing to do is connect with your inner “self”. Think about what you’d like to do in the next day, week or even years. Maybe you’ve wanted to write a story or article. Maybe it’s signing up for a class to get that promotion at work. Maybe it’s just telling yourself that you’re going to find 20 minutes every day to read. Don’t let anyone tell you that your vision isn’t good enough, big enough, or important enough! It’s your vision…and your dream. Appreciate and cherish it.

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