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1 Reason to Connect with the Little Things.

By elaine | November 19, 2013

This morning, about to leave for church, I grabbed my good coat off a hanger and began to slip it on. Unfortunately, my sweater sleeves were too bulky to go into the sleeves of the coat. Frustrated, I hung it back up and grabbed the oversize fleece jacket that I usually wear when running. I knew that my sweater sleeves would fit, but I was very uncomfortable wearing such a casual jacket to church. Oh well, it couldn’t be helped. As I put the car keys into the jacket pocket, I felt something different. I pulled out my driver’s license! How long had that been in the pocket? I hadn’t worn the jacket for almost a week, and wasn’t planning on wearing it in the near future. While it might not seem like such a big deal, in this circumstance, I let out a “whoop” of joy! There was a reason for that. The next morning I was leaving on a week-long business trip with an early morning flight. I would have grabbed my purse on the way out the door, thinking that my license was in my wallet. I can imagine being totally freaked out when I wouldn’t be able to produce my identification at check-in! That would have been a huge problem, and my worst nightmare. I was incredibly thankful and relieved that I had chosen the sweater with big sleeves, put on that old running jacket and best of all, stumbled upon my license in the pocket. What a gift that chain of events was.

Be thankful within all circumstances.

November is a month for connecting with the things, people and circumstances you are thankful for. In many households, before Thanksgiving dinner begins, there is a ritual of going around the table and telling others what you are thankful for. Usually we hear answers like family, a good job, and sometimes even that your football team won…all great responses. This year we’re putting a twist on that game at our house. Everyone is going to share a “little wonder” that happened to them that they are thankful for – one of those small things that happen to let us know that we’re on the right track. If your family is going through a deployment, you might not be thankful for that “big” circumstance that takes you apart. But can you look for things to be grateful in that circumstance? Maybe a child has “stepped up” and helped out more than expected or maybe you found solitude in a few moments of alone time to catch-up on a hobby. Share something that makes you smile, “whoop” for joy, and recognize that all those little “gratitudes” pile up into a great day. This year, I just might tell the story of my driver’s license!

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One Response to “1 Reason to Connect with the Little Things.”

  1. Marian Rothschild Says:
    November 19th, 2013 at 8:47 pm


    Thank you for your small but amazing story of gratitude. There are so many opportunities to see gratitude and I am grateful to you for pointing out the every day instances that remind us of all that is extra special in our incredible world.

    Much appreciation for taking the time to share your story.

    Warm regards,
    Marian Rothschild