How can I get Elaine to speak at our Conference?

This is what she loves to do most! First, Be ready with the possible conference dates (if you know them now), the vision you have for your conference, your budget parameters, and how you’d like Elaine to be a part of it (ex: main stage presenter, leading a breakout session, providing books, etc.). Then either give us a call so we can talk about it at 303-430-0592, or email Elaine for her availability at moc.e1513519115moHyd1513519115aerlA1513519115mI@en1513519115ialE1513519115 or place an inquiry through the contact form on this site. Click here to access that form. While your group is in the decision making phase of planning the conference, Elaine can put a no obligation “soft hold” on the dates for you. This means that if another organization puts in a request for the same dates, she will contact you first and give you first option to book them. Please note that the months of April through August book up first, so it’s helpful to get dates requested early.

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