Creating a Connections Action Plan for your Family

This 60 minute training session is almost entirely interactive. Your Group is introduced to the specifics of what a family action plan should look like and then they work with another person to create their own. If they are spouses, their plan will be for their family and if they are FRG volunteers who work with other families, they’ll learn how to help the families under their care develop their own plans.

The second part of this training is designed to generate additional connection ideas focused around certain “themes.” The group is divided into subgroups of 6 and each subgroup is assigned one of 10 areas of ideas (for ex: between spouses, for teenagers, how schools can be involved, celebrations/holidays, etc). Then each subgroup discusses their category and pools their personal ideas. They select the best 2 ideas and then I facilitate each table sharing those ideas. The participants write down these ideas so they leave with a minimum of 20 new ways to stay connected! Very fun and productive.


I did this session at the National Guard National Family Programs conference in Boston to a full room. This can be most useful if the training is extended up to an hour and a half. Resource tools provided.