From Barracks to Backyard

It’s amazing when you think of how much has changed during the time you’ve been apart. How can we best work towards becoming friends again? In this totally interactive training, we’ll:

  • Review concerns people have about coming home
  • Then we break into small groups (1 for each issue) and generate ideas people have experienced to help make it easier
    In the second step, each group will share the best of what they discovered
  • As a result, each participant will leave with at least 25 ideas to make your reintegration concerns easier to deal with
  • Learn practical ideas that others have used during this transition
  • This readiness training also shows how you can use 1 person’s idea to help solve the same problem for many – you’re not alone
  • Very fun and productive. You’ll have a good time while hearing some truly breakthrough ideas. Includes a take-home training tool.

“From Barracks to Backyard” is perfect  for:

  • State and National Family Programs conferences
  • Yellow Ribbon 30-60-90 day reintegration events
  • FRG and FAC Leaders and Volunteers workshops
  • Reintegration readiness training

When you bring your people trainings that are fun, interactive and professionally presented, it reflects on you and your team.  Your conference is more likely to get rave reviews. MY job is to make YOU look good!

Don’t just rely on what I say, hear from others:

“Today the reality hit of how much your books (and trainings) have helped us when a lady emailed me (I am the coordinator of our family support group) asking for help with her children whose daddy is deployed in Iraq now. All the ideas that I gave her came from your books? What a joy it was to pass along quality information that worked wonders in our home.”
– Jeanette,  family leadership