How the heck did my butt get so big?

Transitioning back to the suburbs from the sandbox is never easy, but can be simplified with this session. Through stories, ideas and interaction, learn how to fit in at home, at work and at play.

  • Together we’ll identify 8 reunion issues and work to break them down. Practical ideas that others have used during this transition
  • Learn an exercise that helps you reopen your lines of communication
  • Stories, experiences, humor and interaction makes it interesting and fun to listen to
  • Filled with photos and video segments…not your usual boring PowerPoint!
  • This readiness training also shows how you can use 1 person’s idea to help solve the same problem for many – you’re not alone
  • Closing summary integrates an exciting F-16 ride experience

Both “How the heck did my butt get so big?” and “The Military Recruits…The Family Retains” are perfect trainings for:

  • State and National Family Programs conferences Spouse sessions
  • FRG and FAC Leaders and Volunteers
  • As a thank you for military spouse recognition conferences

Don’t just rely on what I say, hear from others:

“After hearing her speak, National Guard leadership invited her back. An accomplished presenter, and because of her own lifestyle, (she is) familiar with keeping intimacy alive across miles. Her substantive message is one of hope.”
– Linda Engleman, ND family leadership

“…was a message that everyone must hear.”
– Dana James, wife of Gen Daniel James