Make a Small World… Smaller!

It’s interesting how the idea for this training arose. When we were doing this networking exercise during my presentation for the Support Of Spouses conference sponsored by the national homeland defense foundation, a woman approached me and thanked me for making this a part of the program – here’s why: she shared that recently a very new wife to the unit had just lost her husband in Iraq. The challenge that the FRG leader was facing was that since no one knew her that well, people were avoiding contact because they didn’t know what to say or how to help…very common feelings. The FRG volunteer was telling me that if they had done an exercise like this as a unit, then they would have knowledge of some things they might have in common with each other. She saw this as a way to be able to use these commonalities to connect with this wife easier.

In this class, Elaine will:

  • Take you through participation in a fun networking instrument
  • Teach you how to develop and use your own instrument to help all people in your unit FRG and FAC’s learn about each other – your resource tool.
  • Review some common strategies that make it more comfortable for people to open up to each other.

This process is great for rural units whose members are far apart and hard to get involved. The goal of this training is to be sure no one in the unit feels left out or disconnected with the families around them, and that we generate ideas on ways each can help.

Audience: The FRG and Support Group volunteers who work with the families, and all interested spouses.

Designed for 1 hour but can be extended if needed. This is the breakout training session that was presented in Philadelphia for the 2006 Family Programs national convention. People had to be turned away due to space restrictions from both sessions!


Some of my favorite comments from program evaluations:

“Best session of the conference. Totally interactive- loved it. Yes!”


“The interacting was awesome and very informative.”

“I LOVED your breakout session! I am working on starting-up my Blue Star Mothers Chapter & I am planning on using the “getting to know you” activity @ our first large meeting!”