Speak for SUCCESS! – Presentation Skill Training

This program is designed as a ½ day (4 hour) session. I’m proud of the fact that I can provide the concepts of public speaking in a fun, informative and non-threatening manner!

Some of what we’ll cover:

  • How to work with the stress one feels while presenting.
  • How to develop confidence.
  • How to design a presentation or training that does exactly what you want to accomplish.
  • How to add relevant exercises, stories, case histories, and examples to make your points more memorable to your listeners.
  • How to effectively design and use PowerPoint and other visual aids.

Audience: The FRG and Support Group volunteers who may be called on to lead meetings, face the media, and sometimes speak to groups or conduct trainings.


Women – Learn how to close the gender “credibility gap”:

This program is specifically helpful to women and there are usually many in attendance.  I know that women, when they get on the platform, have to “earn” the level of credibility that men have automatically when they get up there. Not a sexist statement, just a fact. I can help women close this credibility gap and overcome the “power robbing” things they do when communicating with others. We’ll develop your Authority, Energy and Awareness as they apply to every communication situation…even listening. For 10 years I’ve taught a course to women corporate executives called “Dancing on the Glass Ceiling.” You can learn from what has empowered them.

This program CAN be extended to a full day, and we can provide a DVD video session where each person will be coached through a 2 minute presentation.  This will let each participant personally see how well they are doing, and what 1 skill, if applied, will make the biggest difference. Each person will keep the DVD of their presentation for future review. This is optional, but of real value.