T.G.I.F. – Teamwork Generates Innovation and Flexibility

Teams are Everywhere! Business has new product teams, quality teams and project teams. Sports has offensive and defensive teams, 1st teams, 2nd teams, special teams, and the military has – among many others – mission teams, family readiness groups (teams), volunteer teams and even your family functions as a team around deployments.

Teams are also no longer simply a group of people working on a single project or mission.

The sheer complexity of the missions and projects you’re involved in today means that no one person can know it ALL… contrary to what some believe. Each person comes to a team with a special set of skills and it’s our job to find and utilize the skills necessary to get the job done. “The best way to get 1 great idea, is to have lots of ideas.” Innovation is developed out of the efforts of team players.

This team building activity will focus on the innovation and flexibility that is required to be successful and happy with the many demands of military life. Innovation and resilience will both be necessary for groups to work well together to achieve success. The mission will be accomplished through a fun two-step hands-on construction exercise.

  • Everyone works together no matter what their rank or status
  • Introduction and establish teams
  • Teams complete a 20 minute building exercise with a debrief following
  • Now, with new “deployment challenges”, teams embark on another building experience
  • Debrief involves learning how you worked with and learned from team members even though circumstances had changed
  • Teaches you how to find and rely on family readiness resources around you

T.G.I.F. is the perfect training for:

  • State and National Family Programs conferences because everyone works together
  • Spouse sessions
  • FRG and FAC Leaders and Volunteers
  • As a thank you for military spouse recognition conferences

Don’t just rely on what I say, hear from others:

“I’m not sure I’ve ever had so much fun in a session while still learning something!”

“It was cool working on the same level with people who are my superiors otherwise.”