The good news is…your spouse is home; The bad news is…your spouse is home!

The success of this program has been overwhelming! A great addition to:

  • Couples retreats
  • Military spouse reconnection events
  • Yellow Ribbon Reintegration Programs as a breakout


This session will step you through an upgrade to your personal communication by helping you:

  • Learn how to set up your environment for those tough conversations, and why this is the first critical step.
  • Learn 10 simple adjustments in the way you communicate that will immediately increase the effectiveness of your relationships with others.
  • Take a personal listening assessment to set your communication baseline.
  • Evaluate seven listening skills based on your assessment results.


Now it’s time to talk! 

  • Learn and practice seven techniques when it’s your turn to talk.
  • Put this all to the test with your partner right now. Can you really have a good conversation?
  • The amazing finale to this program is “Saying I Love You with NO words at all!” A “He said…she said” format of sharing those small meaningful things that make a strong marriage. Based on research with couples married from 2 to 71 years!
  • Participate in an activity that will set you on your way with renewed faith in your ability to be closer to the ones you love.


Duration: 60 – 90 minutes