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Official Military Websites
Air Force Reserve
US Army Reserve
Army Reserve
Air Force
Marine Force Reserve
Army National Guard
Air Force National Guard
Naval Reserve Force
Coast Guard
US Coast Guard Reserve
Coast Guard Reserve
Veterans Affairs
Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors
Military Family Institute
Military Family Institute is a DoD sponsored research center with a focus on families.
Marine Corps

Military Relief Societies

Healing Sacred Hearts
The Healing Sacred Hearts Program will focus on healing our Armed Forces and Families as one unit coming back from War. It will provide grief counseling, couples enrichment, healing groups among the Service Men/women, children/youth therapy groups, along with other services. Learn more about their fundraiser too.
Army Emergency Relief
Navy Marine
Air Force Aid Society
Special Operations Warrior Foundation
Family Member Pre-Deployment Checklist
A volunteer lawyers group has prepared an excellent Family Member Pre-Deployment Checklist. It is designed for all families and includes record-keeping questions related to medical care, finances, etc.
Army One Source
Army One Source provides real-life solutions for successful Army living.
Guard and Reserve Family Readiness Tool kit
Guide to Reserve Family Member Benefits Handbook in PDF format is available on this site.
Military divorce, family law, and counseling. Source of articles and information.
Support groups, discounts, travel, housing, and deployment information.
GROWW is an independent haven for the bereaved developed by the bereaved. Message boards and resource listings.
Connecting you to the benefits of service. It’s an amazing site filled with information pertaining to all branches of services. It’s always kept current.
Blue Star Mothers
Designed for mothers who have, or have had children serving in the military. Good information – easily arranged.
Military Homefront
Through sponsorships, military family children can receive SAT/ACT Standard Power Prep programs at no charge.
Click on “Life Group Connect” then “Military Support Group” to see how one church community is providing an effective family support program. Contact information available on the site.
Soldiers Angels
Soldiers Angels supports thousands of American service members stationed wherever we raise our country’s flag and they provide aid and comfort to our military families. Soldiers Angels works through merchants and organizations that donate services and support.
Center for the study of traumatic stress
Center for the Study of Traumatic Stress as an ongoing source of information and support.

Reunion and Reintegration

Reintegration: Beyond Reunion
You’ll find information to order the booklet “Reintegration: Beyond Reunion – A guide for service members and their families.” Or call 1-800-628-7733 and ask for item number PS92753.
Military One Source
A 24-hour, 7 day-a-week counseling service available to anyone who has been deployed or affected by a loved one’s deployment. There are many other opportunities available on the site, too. You can also call toll-free 1-800-342-9647.
Coping with War Related Stress (replace National mental Health)
The National Mental Health Association: Coping with War-related Stress: Information for Military families and communities
Guides on deployment, pcs and relocation
The National Center for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder: Iraq War Clinician’s Guide.
Operation Healthy Reunions
Article titled Operation Healthy Reunions. It’s a well written, informative and upbeat article that covers many areas of reunions.

Veterans of Iraqi Freedom & Enduring Freedom
Veterans benefits information
Information for Iraqi Freedom Veterans
Afghanistan service information
PTSD and Iraq veterans
VA health care enrollment information
VA Benefits
Online benefits applications
Women veterans health and benefits information
Women’s Benefits
Women veterans health and benefits information


Adopt a Classroom
Connects the community and the classroom. Contribute to the education of young people.
Beads for Life
Make bead key chains and necklaces that call attention to early detection of breast cancer.
Chemo Caps
This site is for knitters. Donate your time by knitting caps for cancer patients. Comfort their heads and their souls.
Hugs for Homeless Animals
Hugs for Homeless Animals is a site designed to wrap animals with love by sewing or knitting warm blankets for them.
Project Linus
Provides love, security, warmth, and comfort to children who are seriously ill or traumatized, through gifts of new/homemade washable blankets.
National Family Military Association, Inc.
Email: *protected email*
The only private national organization designed to identify and resolve issues of concern for military families. Serves all uniformed services.
American Red Cross
American Red Cross
American Red Cross Armed Forces Emergency Services
American Red Cross Armed Forces Emergency Services
Operation Uplink
Donate a calling card through Operation Uplink.
California National Guard
Great site for the California National Guard. Lots of information and resources in a navigable site. Get to know these folks!
United Through Reading (replaces family literacy foundation)
United Through Reading provides a program for military families to help keep parents and children connected during deployment through reading aloud on videotapes.
A nonprofit organization and the Internet’s largest community of military wives and women in uniform. Also the home of a wonderful book, “Married to the Military” by Meredith Leyva.
Hearts Across the Miles
An all volunteer, nonprofit organization that ensures U.S. troops are not forgotten by providing letters of support, calling cards, and care packages. Also provides support to the families left behind.
Interactive empowerment for Army wives and home of the Army wife Talk radio program.
Visit this site to donate a “Cup of Joe for a Joe” currently serving overseas. Green Beans has coffee shops on operating bases on Iraq and Afghanistan.
A non-profit organization dedicated to providing therapeutic and recreational activities for veterans, active military personnel and their families.
An online community and support network for military teens create and facilitated by military moms.
The home site for our favorite children’s books We Serve Too! And We Serve Too 2!
A non-profit organization dedicated to the new generation of those who have lost the heroes of yesterday, today and tomorrow, with an emphasis on healing through sharing stories, tears and laughter… Military Widow to Military Widow.
Soldiers Angels
Soldiers Angels supports thousands of American service members stationed wherever we raise our country’s flag and they provide aid and comfort to our military families. Soldiers Angels works through merchants and organizations that donate services and support. or
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