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March    Get the black & white version    Word Search Solution
I realize it’s been months since you heard from me, but please know that I’m still here and going strong with ways to help families through deployments and upon return. We will be updating the website in the coming weeks to provide information that is new on a daily basis, a calendar of events, and introducing surveys and message boxes so we can know exactly what you need us to focus on. In this newsletter you will:

  • Learn how we’ll be incorporating an “Idea of the Week”
  • Read the complete poem “A Military Wife”
  • Learn 7 new connection ideas for deployment
  • Find 3 websites with financial information
  • Read about the new Flip Tips book series
  • Find a great resource for Mild Traumatic Brain Injury
  • Be enticed by a great enchilada recipe for families on the go
  • Have fun with a new Word Search puzzle

The newsletter is still in PDF format so you can print (Black and White version) or forward it to others (color version) who need this information. Have a great March!



July   Get the black & white version
This Summer 2009 issue includes ways to stay busy and have some fun this summer. You’ll also find:

  • The benefits of Military One Source membership
  • “10 Things Military Teens Want You to Know”
  • Your kids may qualify for free money for extracurricular activities
  • The Road Home quilt (and FREE pattern) being featured at
  • Kisses and Hugs from a deployed parent
  • 3 new websites to bookmark
  • Great summer fun ideas straight from the pages of The Road Home
  • Our new feature, Book Club Corner and our favorite summer recipe

As always, please refer others to this link, and you are free to use anything you find in your own unit newsletters. Happy Summer!


April   Get the black & white version
For April, this issue is packed with tips to help you earn, save or keep your money, new resources and websites, and a new feature: Recipe Corner. You’ll also read about:

  • My new book, The Road Home, finally shipped on March 26th!
  • 2 new children’s books for the month of the Military Child
  • Tax Tips, 10 Overlooked deductions, The Credit Crunch quiz
  • Save money with military discounts
  • 3 Websites including one for the coolest “military ribbon” jewelry!
  • Tools to build and protect your finances…and your identity.
  • Budget is not a dirty word!
  • 1st Recipe Corner: Chocolate Cherry Martini

As always, please refer others to this link, and you are free to use anything you find in your own unit newsletters. Happy Spring!



November   Get the black & white version
This Thanksgiving 2008 issue includes a way for you and your family to be involved in a “Thank you” YouTube video for the troops along with:

  • Flat Daddy donations
  • ArmyWifeTalkRadio
  • Operation Love ReUnited
  • Creating an Emergency Travel Kit for your car
  • Discounted pre-orders for “The Road Home”
  • Veterans thank you poem and history information
  • 3 New websites to bookmark
  • “Holiday Mail for Heroes”

As always, please refer others to this link, and you are free to use anything you find in your own unit newsletters. Happy Thanksgiving!

Fall   Get the black & white version
In this issue, our guest article is called “Generations to Generations” all about archiving family stories for future generations. You’ll also read about “Sew Comfort”, a company that makes adaptive clothing for free for wounded service members, a care package list from Soldier’s Angels, new book update, websites to bookmark, fun “Pumpkin Pieces” trivia and our Best Ideas column written by my new office assistant who is also a military spouse and mom. Enjoy this issue and feel free to send others to this site.

Summer   Get the black & white version
As you’ve come to expect, there’s good informative and fun stuff for you to read and use to help your families…and yourselves. It’s been a while since I’ve had a guest article, so there’s a wonderful one from Linda Fuller about Operation: Military Kids. This issue’s Best Ideas are “previews” of what you’ll find in the new book, “The Road Home” about reunion. Enjoy this issue, print it out and forward it to anyone you think would enjoy it.

Spring  Get the black & white version
This is an exciting edition and you’ll find lots to do with MONEY!

  • There are free things and big discounts included.
  • I want to pay you money, send you free spiritual books, and a list of 51 college scholarship resources.
  • The “best ideas” section is all about Reunion and Reintegration.
  • 3 Great new resources I found.
  • You can still submit new book ideas and resources.



This exciting issue of the newsletter ends the year of 2007 by “clearing off” my desk and bringing you all the ideas and resources that I haven’t had a chance to share. It also features the stories of two special volunteers and the announcement of the current book research I’m doing all about reunion and reintegration. I need to hear from YOU with your great ideas and resources of what works for you. This newsletter tells you how to submit and what you receive! Enjoy and Merry Christmas!

This issue of InTouch is a great way to bring the summer to a close. You’ll find a thought provoking column called “The Don’t-Do-It Button”, 6 brand new connection ideas, a gift for your volunteers, a book for kids who are finicky eaters, beautiful new photo note cards, 9 amazing website resources and a touching poem called “Got Your Back.” As always, you have my permission to forward it or print and distribute to all families who will thrive from the information. Thanks for all you do!

Welcome to March 2007!  So, what’s in store for this month? My message brings a reminder of people helping people. Read the descriptions of two new programs about Reunion and Reintegration, new program funding, some fun contests and drawings, and a guest article about EDMR (you’ll just have to go read it to find out). You’ll enjoy our regular features: Bookmark these Websites, This month’s BEST submitted Ideas, and Just for Fun! As always, if you ever have a story, information, idea or article you’d like to share in the newsletter, email it to me at moc.e1532199015moHyd1532199015aerlA1532199015mI@en1532199015ialE1532199015.



Like the season of gift giving, I’m always on the lookout for good deals on products or services to pass along. I found 5 of them for this issue. The best one is…a FREE Flat Daddy™! On page two you’ll find the details. Read on about Operation Connect-a-Family (free books), more fantastic connection ideas, some great websites full of information and finally the funny “You know you’re a military wife when…” by Kathis Hightower & Holly Scherer. Merry Christmas!

What a busy summer. This InTouch newsletter issue has lots of fun information including a message about SISU, a URL to take you to photos from the Philly convention that feature…you, resources and ideas I picked up from the convention, the introduction of a new CD and blog, how to get me to pay my airfare to visit your state, some Army trivia questions and even an easy recipe from someone (me) who doesn’t like to cook! It’s great to be back in touch with you after 4 months. I hope you’ll visit my blog sometime and begin sharing more ideas. By the way, have a fun Halloween!

Spring   Get the Wordsearch solution here 
This issue talks about quilts, tradition and friends. Inside you’ll find… finally… a resource that will make Flat Daddies for you at a very good rate! They are located in Colorado, but will ship anywhere. Also find out about the National Homeland Defense Foundation’s Support Of Spouses conference and view a DVD. As always, lots of ideas, resources, websites and a Memorial Day word search. Enjoy!

This issue is full of ideas just for you from remembering to pamper yourself to over a dozen connection ideas to implement right away. There are also ideas for helping to make your unit or FRG meetings fun and informational, and websites you’ll want to check out.



Featured guest writer:  Mary Fichtner
His article is:  “You Married A Warrior.”
Excerpt: I had a difficult transition into the military lifestyle and in short order began to get my fists up about many of the things that came with being a soldier’s wife. I discovered that it doesn’t matter if you’re the wife of a soldier, airman, sailor or marine; at sometime we all experience the same feelings.

Featured guest writer: Capt “Diggs” Brown – Diggs Brown is a US Army Special Forces (Green Beret) Officer.  He spent seven months in Afghanistan where his unit organized and trained the Afghan National Army.
His article is:  “Your Neighbor went to War.”
Excerpt: It was hot.  Not just hot, but searing.  We had been in Afghanistan for nearly a month having arrived in late July and were acclimating to an environment unlike anything previously experienced.

Featured guest writer: Dr. Suzanne Hetts – Dr. Suzanne Hetts is a certified applied animal behaviorist, and with her husband Dr. Dan Estep co-owns Animal Behavior Associates, an animal behavior consulting firm in Denver, CO.
Her article is: “Separations: Their affect on Pets.”
Excerpt: A soldier’s deployment causes upheaval not only for human family members but for pets as well.  Pets can be sensitive to any kind of change in routine, whether it be a move to a new residence, a new baby, a change in work schedule, addition of another family pet, or being boarded when the family goes on vacation.

Featured guest writer: Linda Engelman – Linda has been married to a National Guardsman for 34 years, Brigadier General Jerald Engelman. Just completing a three-year term as the State Lead Volunteer, she is the lead instructor for the CISM sponsored Trained Crisis Responder course in North Dakota.
Her article is: “Reunion: Prospects and Possibilities.”
Excerpt: As you look to reunion you probably hope that life will soon return to normal. You have been told that weathering a lengthy, dangerous, deployment will change you, creating a new normal. But many of you have no previous experience on which to predict your responses. Therefore, with the anticipation can come some uneasiness. 



Featured guest writer: Jackie Close – Jackie has been married to a Marine for 21 years and has been through 8 deployments.
Her article is: “Where do we get such families from?”
Excerpt: I was asked for a few suggestions on how families can cope with deployments, especially over the holidays. First, a few thoughts on the military family, and why I think they’re so special.